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Creators Project Article

See the video to our song The Brightest Star off our album Young.  Hand painted by Danny.

Happy Spring everyone! View our new Origami stop-motion video to the song Lost and Found off our latest album Young!

Minneapolis' the Current interviews Danny Burke and Lizzie Brown of Meme

See the new hand animated video to our song I Always Knew off our album Young.


Thanks to ABC for featuring our song Paradise on the Lying Game tonight.

Thanks to Pop Blimp for the write-up... again!

A blip about the Jackson Pollock inspired music video for Fallen by Meme

thanks pop blimp for the write up!

A blip about the album Young by Meme by the UK music blog Pop Blimp.

View our Facebook page here

the official Facebook page for Meme

Meme makes Minnesota the Current's Friday five.

A short write-up by the Minneapolis St. Paul Based radio station The Current on the latest video for Fallen by Meme.